Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Chillings

Hello beautiful people,

As you may or may not know, I am a kitesurfer and I also spend a lot of time on the beach.
Unfortunately the last couple of weeks i haven't been able to go to the beach because all my gear is being repaired.

It is often said that sometimes you just have to take a day off and relax.
I've had lots of days off to relax the last couple of weeks.
I also had a lot of time to study for my school exams that are coming up and finals, so all in all it wasn't that bad that i had less temptation to go out on the water.

I heard about this competition that was being organized called the Kitemanera 2014, I checked it out.
This is a contest that is organized by a small group of locals for everyone to participate, aiming of course at everyone.
It doesn't matter how old, how young, how big or how small you are, if you came to the beach to have a good time on the water and race or maybe freestyle a bit, this is the place for you.
I heard a couple of rumors about the competition, that if you are competing you have to wear a costume.
I arrived at the beach and there were roughly about 20 kites in the air and another 20 on land.
The races have already started judging by how many people were kiting in the same direction trying to pass each other.
I had brought my camera because i knew this was something worth seeing.

So, I started walking over the beach and i setup my camera.
I started filming all these people dressed as something or someone or a combination of both.
It was a sight to see.
I was greeted every time I was noticed.
Who could blame them, I haven't been to the beach in so long they probably thought i moved to Holland, since i want to study there.

As i was filming I hear: "Chris do you want to be a freestyle judge?".
I had no problem with that so I said yes.
I sat down under this little red tent, there were a couple lounge of chairs there and that's where we had to judge from.

It was amazing, because it wasn't a pro freestyle competition.
Everyone sort of had their own style and way of executing tricks, it was a sight to see.
In the beginning it was a battle of 4 people competing for the number one spot, there was action everywhere.
Every direction you looked there was either someone wiping out hard or executing a cool looking trick.
In the finals we had a different format to really bring on the pressure for the competitors.
The format changed to a one on one match for five minutes to do as much tricks as you can as good as you can.
Of course you couldn't do the same trick three times in a row and expect the same result, so we told the competitors to show us all they got, and they did not disappoint.

After the freestyle session i came home and started processing the video and editing.

All in all, it was a great day at the beach today.